Marine Construction

The complete site work package for a six acre boat ramp facility along the Broad Kill River in Lewes, DE.

Site Development

Cecil County awarded JJID the contract for a 15 acre expansion of refuse handling facilities in North East, MD.

Railroad Construction

Amtrak awarded JJID the contract for drainage improvements along the Philadelphia / Harrisburg Line at Overbrook Station.

Featured Projects

Lewes Boat Ramp Facility - Lewes, Delaware


Delaware DNREC awarded JJID, Inc. the contract for the construction of a boat ramp facility along the Broadkill River in Lewes, Delaware. The project duration was a short 160 days, in order to allow DNREC to open the new six acre facility in time for the recreational boating season.

JJID worked with volatile tides and strong winds to perform marine construction activities, which included the installation of 4,000 tons of armor stone along the shoreline of the Broadkill River. Approximately two hundred 12 inch diameter timber piles were driven to support 3,740 square feet of timber walkways, piers and docks. Also included was the installation of 300 linear feet of aluminum sheeting, a 1,200 square yard PCC boat ramp and floating docks.

Site work was performed concurrently with marine activities to meet the aggressive project schedule. This work included the excavation and embankment of over 6,000 cubic yards of soils, placement of 4,000+ tons of hot mix for access and parking areas, 15,720 square feet of filter strips and 700 linear feet of biofiltration swales.

Cecil County Landfill Homeowner's Building - North East, Maryland

101507 026.jpg

JJID, Inc. was contracted by Cecil County to perform the expansion of their current landfill facility located in North East, MD. The fifteen acre expansion was specially designed to facilitate the drop off and recycling of refuse by residents at the facility.

A 900 linear feet reinforced concrete retaining wall, 20 inches thick and 14 feet high, was poured in place to create the bi-level facility. Refuse is delivered and unloaded at the upper level and sorted into trailers parked on the lower level that are later hauled away. Building structures constructed as part of the project included a 4,000 square foot metal building and a gate house.

Site work for the project required extensive clearing, 11,000 cubic yards of stripping, 47,000 cubic yards of cut to fill and the import of 84,000 cubic yards of fill. During fill operations JJID was consistently importing 4,000 to 5,000 tons a day and had a single day record of 8,100 tons.

Underground utilities to support the expansion included gravity and force main sewer, storm, water and electric. The installation of utilities required a 24 inch diameter jack and bore under the main entrance to tie into the existing infrastructure without any disruptions to the active facility.

Overbrook Station Drainage Improvements - Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania


Amtrak contracted JJID, Inc. to perform drainage improvements along the Philadelphia/Harrisburg Rail Line, near Overbrook Station in Montgomery County, PA. The proposed drainage improvements consisted of two phases and were designed to address drainage concerns and control erosion by stabilizing the steeply sloping side of the railroad bed.

The first phase of drainage improvements consisted of the installation of 400 linear feet of retaining wall constructed out of 36 inch wide, stone filled gabions and anchored with a geogrid tieback system. Access to perform this work was limited and difficult because track service was not to be disrupted and because there was a creek at the base of the steep slope. Other hindrances included overhead cantenary wires and poles on one side and a wooded slope leading to private residences on the other.

The second phase required 150 linear feet of 36 inch reinforced concrete pipe be laid and two manhole structures and a headwall to be set. The intent of the second phase was to allow the future tie in of a drainage system from the opposite side of the rail line.

A third phase was added after Amtrak reviewed the value engineering solution presented by JJID to open cutting across the rail line. JJID proposed the jack and bore of 100 linear feet of 36 inch pipe under the railroad bed to tie in the culvert structure planned for the opposite side of the tracks.

Nassau Grove - Sussex County, Delaware


K. Hovnanian Homes awarded JJID, Inc. the complete site work contract for their residential development project, Nassau Grove, located in Sussex County, DE.

The $9.5 Million project involved extensive earthwork including the construction of 10 acres of permanent storm water management ponds. A massive berm was also constructed alongside SR. 1.

Concurrent with the earthwork was the installation of 14,600 linear feet of sanitary sewer for Dewey Beach Sanitary Sewer District, 16,700 linear feet of water line for Tidewater Utilities and 15,600 linear feet of storm sewer. Other scheduled work includes the installation of 65,000 linear feet of curb and gutter and 16,000 tons of bituminous concrete pavement.

To compensate for projected changes in the traffic volume and patterns, JJID also worked on roadway improvements to Minos Conway Road.

Middletown Auto Park - Middletown, DE


This one hundred-forty-four acre commercial site development project, located on Route 301 in Middletown, DE, was designed to accommodate multiple automobile and truck dealerships as well as a Home Depot store.

The project involved the construction of six large permanent storm water management ponds totaling over twenty-five acres, with over 775,000 cubic-yards of earthmoving required. Utility work included over 7,500 linear feet of sewer mains, 13,000 linear feet of water mains, and over 13,000 linear feet of storm sewer.

Other site development work included 27,000 linear feet of curb, over 37,000 tons of hot mix pavement and 40,000 square-feet of concrete sidewalk. Two large 200 feet long retaining walls were also constructed, within the ponds located adjacent to Rt. 301, that will showcase automobiles to traveling motorists.

Concurrent with the on-site development, JJID worked closely with DelDOT on roadway improvements to Rt. 301 to compensate for projected changes in traffic volume and patterns.

Route 7, Mill Creek, Perryville Bridge - Perryville, Maryland


The Maryland State Highway Authority awarded the $2.7 Million contract to JJID, Inc. for the construction of a new bridge over Mill Creek on Route 7 in Perryville, Maryland. The project involved the replacement of an earth filled, pipe culvert bridge, with a single span, prestressed concrete slab bridge.

Because the Perryville Fire Department is located on the east side adjacent to the bridge, a temporary bridge over the creek had to be constructed before demolition and replacement of the old bridge could begin. A fully automated gate was installed on the temporary bridge and access road, to limit access and ensure its use was exclusively for the fire department.

The new bridge structure included concrete abutments constructed on concrete encased augured H piles imbedded into the bedrock and single span prestressed concrete beams. Additional work included new curb, sidewalks, storm sewer, scour protection and guard rail.

One of the largest challenges on this project was weather. Despite three rainfall events of over one inch causing heavy flooding, JJID was able to maintain the schedule by installing temporary sheeting and reopen the roadway to traffic in only seventy-seven days.

Current Projects

Underground Utility Projects:

Henderson Hill Relocation; New Castle County, DE; Artesian Water Co.

Mechanical Water and Waste Water Projects:

Twin River Pump Station; Middle River, MD; Baltimore County
Fruitland Pump Sation; Fruitland, MD; Town of Fruitland
Salisbury Park Waste Treatment Plant; Salisbury, MD; Town of Salisbury

Site Work Projects:

Chesapeake College; Centreville, MD; Barton/Marlow
Riverswoods; North East, MD; Harkins Builders
Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center; Cambridge, MD; W.M. Schlosser
Maris Grover Erosion Control; Concordville, PA; Whiting Turner Construction
Longwood Gardens; Chads Ford, PA; Bancroft Construction, Inc.

Pile Driving Projects:

Test Pile for MDSHA; Centerville, MD; Covington Machine

Bridge Projects:

Schotchmans Bridge; Hacks Point, MD; Cecil County
Carpenters Point Road; Charlestown, MD; Cecil County
Route 7 Bridge over James Run; Aberdeen, MD; Daisy Construction

Road Projects:

Pave & Rehab South 1; Kent County, DE; DelDOT
Waverly Avenue; Baltimore, MD; Charles Tillman Paving Co.

Streetscapes Projects:

Delaware State University; Dover, DE; Whiting Turner